Course: Breakthrough Thinking for Leaders

Learn how to facilitate breakthroughs in thinking on your teams and drive innovation.

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Enjoy Smoother
Transitions through Change
Improve Collaboration
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If innovation is to take root in your organization, managers and staff alike must approach their work in new ways, with new expectations and by thinking differently.

Creativity, increasingly recognized as a critical leadership skill, enables innovation through a combination of creative process and creative thinking.  To drive innovation, organizations need to define problems, structure creative problem solving and engage in disciplined idea management.

Through an introduction to the FourSight Thinking System™, participants learn a language and approach to problem solving that enables productive collaboration, increases engagement, and fosters a culture of innovation. By leveraging creative thinking principles, participants learn an “idea protocol” to promote the development and growth of new ideas and creative solutions.

During the workshop, participants receive personal feedback on their FourSight Thinking Profile™, which helps individuals develop an awareness of their personal preferences for engaging in creative process. Participants will also learn how to use the Innovation Station Launch Pad —a simple, repeatable process to solve problems, meet challenges, and think through challenges and opportunities— and will receive Your Tool Cards, 20 unique creative and critical thinking tools to enhance the FourSight process, focus innovation efforts and drive greater results.

1 ½ – 2 days


  • Find out if you are a clarifier, ideator, developer or implementer and what that means to how you engage in the creative process, solve problems and lead your team
  • Learn a common language to support communication and enhance collaboration when working with others, and solve the problem of “how we will work together”
  • Get practical tips on how you can facilitate creative thinking on your teams and spur them to more innovative solutions to the challenges you face
  • Learn how the FourSight Thinking System™ process and tools can be integrated into your meetings and work processes to improve engagement and enhance results

Your leadership team should not be overwhelmed or stuck.

Accelerate the
Stages of Team Development

Get guidance and a framework to ensure your newly forming, storming or norming team becomes high performing. Fast.

Transform How
You Work Together

Build trust, transparency and accountability with tools and a process to identify problems faster, structure collaboration and focus on the thinking you need to advance your goals.

Deliver Outstanding

Maximize team effectiveness to consistently discover and deliver innovative solutions to any work challenge.

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Leadership Team Development

Our founder, Janice Francisco knows that leaders shouldn’t have to always feel alone.

She helps businesses come together, solving problems as a team.

She’s worked with over 500 teams and has figured out how to navigate the inevitable ambiguity and challenges that come up for leaders.

The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ is her approach and toolkit to help leadership teams transform how they work together, adapt to evolving circumstances and deliver outstanding results.

Breakthrough Thinking For Leaders Client Ratings:

Laura Matthews, VP Human Resources & Communications

We needed a way to get our middle managers out of silos and working more collaboratively.

Significant changes to how we were structured and how we delivered IT services resulted in our having difficulty satisfying client needs with strong business solutions. BridgePoint Effect helped us redesign an existing leadership development program to include their ThinkUP Framework™. Given a transparent and trusted process our IT Directors learned to collaborate across functions, let go of the belief they had to have all the answers, and stepped into the role of thinking facilitators. As a result, silos came down, client satisfaction went up and staff were better engaged in finding business solutions.

Laura Matthews, VP Human Resources & Communications

Dominique Boily, Director General, Human Resources

It’s difficult to lead change when it feels like you’re dealing with obstacles every step of the way.

When Janice came in my leadership team was overwhelmed, our clients weren’t happy and our staff was having difficulty adapting to a new service delivery model. She taught us how to become thinking facilitators and gave us a framework for engaging staff that clarified roles, opened up communication and got everyone focused and working in the same direction. In the process, as a leadership team we learned to trust ourselves, and more importantly, our people learned they could trust in our leadership process.

Dominique Boily, Director General, Human Resources

Kim Ellis, Director Leadership & Employee Engagement

We needed to help our high potential future leaders understand how to foster a culture of innovation and be comfortable with leading and making decisions through ambiguous situations.

Innovation is one of our strategic focus areas so we want our leaders to be innovative thinkers who have the agility and resilience to lead through a variety of circumstances. When we noticed our high potential leaders had difficulty solving ambiguous, uncertain problems, BridgePoint Effect showed us how to build these skills using their ThinkUP Innovation Framework program. It gave our emerging leaders the confidence and competence they needed to work through tough challenges, improved collaboration and enabled them to lead and model innovative behaviours.

Kim Ellis, Director Leadership & Employee Engagement

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