The Customized Problem Solving Workshop
That Builds Your Team


The Customized Problem Solving Workshop
That Builds Your Team


Clarify Your Challenge
Discover Innovative Solutions

Tools and Resources

To Do it Again

Tackling a strategic challenge can be paralyzing when you realize you don’t have clarity on what to do and how to do it.

We understand the pressure you face as a leader when you are expected to be the one who has all the answers.

We believe that every team should be empowered with the tools they need to discover innovative solutions to any problem that comes up.

We have a framework that helps leaders and their teams know what to do when they don’t know what to do.

Your team should not be stuck or confused.

Transform how you see and solve problems – find the right problem to solve

Run more productive brainstorming meetings

Improve diversity and inclusion – make it safe to contribute

Ask questions that lead to new thinking

Power up your creative potential with 16 key behaviours

Reduce conflict and tension

Turn good ideas into innovative solutions

Use guidelines, rules, tools and techniques to encourage innovative solutions

Get people to listen and open to new possibilities

Evaluate and strengthen solutions to get buy-in

Improve innovation outcomes

Build your team

Build your arsenal of tools and techniques

Lead others to new ways of thinking

Focus your team to maximize results

How to book a workshop:

1. Apply

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2. Choose A Date

Workshops take place over 6 hours. Block off everyone’s calendars, and let’s do this!

3. Enjoy The Workshop

Breakthrough your challenge, move forward with confidence and unlock your team’s potential

It’s time to stop feeling stuck and instead achieve amazing results as a team.

Need help deciding?

Our Facilitators Know How to Clarify your Challenge and Align Your Team to Find Innovative Solutions

Essential Creative Thinking Workshop Client Ratings

Sandra Corelli, Vice President, Canada

I needed a way to get our team solving our business problems more creatively. 

This was a highly interactive experience that demonstrated the power and possibilities of innovation through co-creation.  Janice and Kathryn are skilled facilitators with a wealth of expertise and knowledge that inspired us to take our minds places we never thought was possible. The session was valuable and insightful and I learned key principles on how to approach business challenges and/or opportunities in an essential versus exhaustive way.  It was a great experience for our team and we walked away with valuable tools and concepts that we were able to apply immediately.

Sandra Corelli, Vice President, Canada

Deborah Graham, Collaborative Family Lawyer, Canada

I needed a way to get people to feel safe when exploring possibilities and finding creative solutions in difficult situations. 

This was a fabulous workshop on creative problem solving that provided great takeaways and a deliberate, easy to follow process that creates trust and reduces conflict. It breathes new life back into brainstorming!

Deborah Graham, Collaborative Family Lawyer, Canada

-Deb Cross, Nonprofit Executive, Canada

Nonprofit organizations need creative ways to develop staff and find innovative solutions to advancing their goals.

Essential Creative Thinking Workshop does both. In only 3-hours you can get your team creatively solving a problem for you and equipped with tools and techniques you can trust them to use over and over again. It’s a win-win for your organization and team because the ROI has immediate and ongoing benefits. It truly builds capacity on your team and takes some of the load off you as a leader.  

Deb Cross, Nonprofit Executive, Canada

If your team doesn’t have a transparent and trusted process to collaborate and solve problems that encourages creative thinking, you can’t find innovative solutions to your business challenges; nor can you advance your goals. 

In only 6 hours, an Essential Creative Thinking Workshop aligns your team around a strategic challenge and removes any confusion about what needs to be done and how to do it.

Here’s how it works: An Essential Creative Thinking Workshop facilitator works with you to assess the situation, define the challenge and customize the workshop for your team. Put up to 12 people in the workshop for one all-inclusive price. During the workshop everyone will learn a repeatable framework that can be used to tackle your challenge. You’ll then tackle the challenge as a team, so everyone leaves the workshop with an understanding of how to collaborate effectively to discover and deliver innovative solutions. You’ll have a toolkit and other resources to lead yourselves through future challenges more creatively and your team will form stronger bonds through their experience of overcoming the challenge and creating a successful outcome.

Have more than 12 people you want to attend? No problem. We’ll price the workshop to included an extra facilitator and materials for each extra group of 12.

Onsite or virtual delivery can be accommodated.

Custom Workshop Deliverables:


A Clear Challenge Statement to align and focus your team

Workshop customization to tackle your challenge


3 hours of training applied to tackle your challenge

Each participant receives a creative thinking toolkit with a repeatable framework for creative thinking and collaboration to transform how you see and solve problems. Included in the toolkit is the book Forced Connections, a visual thinking tool that links an unrelated object or image to the challenge or opportunity that you are facing to “force” your mind into new and unconventional ways of thinking. With over 30 original photographic images it’s a creative excursion for your mind.



Up to 90 minutes process coaching for the leader to work through next steps

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