Discover new product and service opportunities, drive breakthroughs in thinking, find new ways of working, and work better together with our outcome-driven Innovation Services and Programs.  

In today’s fast-changing world, the importance of innovation is indisputable. In fact, it’s recognized as a leading indicator of an organization’s ability to sustain success.

But asking your people “to be more innovative” without clarity on why, how, and for what outcome, impedes your organization’s ability to create the value that innovation is meant to produce.

Our Innovation Services and Programs are designed for organizations on the move, leaders and their teams who want to drive thinking breakthroughs and build new capabilities.We bring a structured process, research-based practices, decisive navigation, forthright dialogue and tireless creativity to help you and your teams achieve outcome-driven innovation in your work context.

Our outcome-driven Innovation Programs and Services help you find new and better ways of doing your work, engaging stakeholders and delighting customers.

Bottom line, we make it easier for you

to get to better, faster, simpler;

to achieve tangible outcomes,

to grow, transform, and create new value.


Innovation Strategy

Why Use this Service?

You need to set direction, create alignment, and build commitment for innovation in your organization. The focus of BridgePoint Effect’s Innovation Strategy service is to provide a structured process to guide your thinking as you answer the who, what, where, when, why and how questions about innovation in your organization.

Who Is this Service Designed For?

  • Senior leadership teams responsible for setting direction, creating alignment and building commitment for how innovation is achieved as a key organizational strategy
  • Newly forming innovation team that needs to understand how they can best serve the organization, or an innovation team that finds they’re in transition and needing to streamline, rethink or reposition its efforts
  • People who want to get the details right, develop the big picture, and take a structured approach to building a relevant, pragmatic and executable plan for creating value through innovation in their organization

Outcomes and Results

Whether your focus is on fostering everyday innovation across the organization, or to address product, service or business innovation, BridgePoint Effect’s Innovation Strategy service will make it easier for you and your team to think strategically, find answers to your most challenging questions and leave with all the data you need to build a pragmatic go forward plan.

How Is It Delivered?

Through a structured process that is collaborative and highly interactive, we guide your team as you assess your current state, explore options for future state, build a shared vision and set direction for moving forward.

This service integrates the Stormz Digital Facilitation tool. Benefits to you are:

  • Pre-work necessary for the workshop can be completed easily and efficiently online by all participants. All data collected is immediately available for use in the workshop and easily added to the overall Workshop Results Report
  • Streamlined and efficient collaboration coupled with electronic capture of your thinking as it unfolds
  • Data, insights and decisions made during the workshop are immediately available to you after the workshop at the click of a button – no need to wait two weeks to get your final Workshop Results Report
  • Team members from outside your central place of business have the option of travelling to the workshop or participating from afar using Zoom video conferencing and Stormz – they can participate as if they are in the same room as you

As we initiate our engagement with you, our team will collaborate with your team leads to clarify the goals and outcomes for your workshop, and identify how our workshop design needs to be customized to support your work context. Once this is understood, we assess creative means to use pre-work for participants to gather relevant data and prepare them for the workshop, and develop a preliminary workshop design. From there we work to integrate the workshop design into our Stormz Digital Facilitation application and once again, engage you to review and improve our design. Next, the pre-workshop package is released to the participants, the workshop is conducted and upon its conclusion, you’ll get a Workshop Results Report so that you and your team have all the data you need to write your Innovation Strategy and communicate key messages to stakeholders about what you’ve decided.    


Planning and Initiation Meeting; Pre-workshop preparation package for participants; Workshop Results Report with structured data upon which you can write an Innovation Strategy; key communications messages to immediately share with your Board, managers and staff about your strategic direction.

Organizational Growth Indicator

Why Use this Service?

The Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI) is a proven organizational diagnostic tool that measures an organization’s ability to drive real growth through new value creation and adaptive change.

Use it when:

  • Your organization, division, or team is on the move, focused on growth or wanting to get more from your innovation efforts.  You need strategic decision support to drive growth, new value creation or respond to adaptive change.
  • You’re concerned about how ready your people are for the challenges ahead and you’re wondering what you need to do to support them.
  • You need to benchmark where you are today to demonstrate results in the future.
  • You need “hard” metrics around the “soft” people issues and culture dynamics that link to actual business performance around these kinds of situations:
    • Leadership Team Alignment and Performance
    • Strategic Initiatives and Resource Allocation
    • Organizational “Readiness” for Change and Growth
    • Business Unit Consolidation
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Board Management Related to Organizational Capacity and Results

Who Is this Service Designed For?

  • Senior, middle, and first-line leaders who need a sight-line into their organization, specific countries, regions, divisions, business units or teams
  • Human Resources leaders who need to assess return on investment for leadership or other staff development efforts
  • Boards of Directors

Outcomes and Results

Whether your focus is on organizational growth, transformation or innovation, BridgePoint Effect’s Organizational Growth Indicator service will make it easier for you and your team to get hard data for decision support and to move you more confidently towards your goals. It will help you prioritize your most compelling areas for attention and leave you with a solid benchmark upon which you can show progress towards your goals.

How Is It Delivered?

Through an online survey that takes less than twenty minutes to complete, we measure twelve key factors that determine an organization’s ability to grow and transform effectively.

After understanding your organizational context, goals and intended outcomes for using the OGI, we work with you to identify the most suitable areas in the organization for assessment. We then work with you to build a plan for the administration of an initial survey that acts as a benchmark of the current situation in the organization, and a follow-up survey (typically within 12-18 months) to show progress towards your goals.

Once the first survey is completed, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the results and prepare a preliminary report with recommendations. We share this with the sponsoring leader(s) in a briefing meeting where we identify your priorities for sharing a more detailed report with your leadership team. We then prepare a final report, with detailed recommendations, and three priority next steps that will have positive impact in tangibly moving your organization towards its goals.


Pre-survey support and administration; leader’s letter to participants: preliminary OGI results report, recommendations and briefing; final report and detailed debrief with leadership team; repeat survey and reporting process in 12-18 months.


Team Launch

Why Use this Service?

You’re launching a new IT, Project, Innovation, Leadership or work team; you want to set them up for success and need them to launch quickly.

You’ve got an existing team that’s going through a transition and you need to regroup and rethink: Who are you as a team,? Where are you going? Who do you want to be in the organization? What’s your purpose and how will you create value? What do you need to do to work better together?

You’re working on a virtual or distributed team; you need to leverage the diversity on the team and make it easier to work better together.

Who Is this Service Designed For?

  • Existing teams going through transition
  • Intact teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Newly forming teams
  • Virtual and distributed teams

Outcomes and Results:

When teams come together, they have two problems to solve. First, they need to figure out what work they need to do and then they need to learn how to work well together. This workshop helps teams solve both these problems. Your team will benefit from:

  • Personal and team awareness about how you approach challenges, prefer to engage in creative process and what this means to how you collaborate, communicate and contribute to team results
  • A common, intuitive language and process to manage yourself and each other as you get work done
  • Tools to run productive and effective meetings and bring the right thinking to work tasks
  • Clarity around what success looks like on this team, your vision, mission, core values and goals
  • A measurable action plan to achieve your vision


Before workshop:

  •   Take the FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment online – 10 minutes

At the workshop:

  •   Your Thinking Profile Report & Interpretive Guide
  •   Your Team Report and Learner Guide
  •   The Keys to Navigating Your Thinking Preferences
  •   Clarity on who you are as a team, your purpose and how you will behave as you achieve it
  •   An action plan to achieve your team’s vision

Post workshop:

  • Unlimited access to the FourSight online application
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