When teams come together they have two problems to solve: what is the work we need to do? and, how will we work together?

Most teams focus on the work they need to do and forget to pay attention to how they will work together.

Team members each have different personalities, communication styles and thinking preferences that show up in how they approach their work. By identifying these upfront and focusing on how your team works together, your organization can get the performance you need from your team.

We’re into helping you effect lasting change on your team’s performance.

That’s why we focus on helping you solve the problem of “how might we work better together?”

At BridgePoint Effect, we’re not much into rah rah motivational speeches or team building activities that do little more than leave everyone happy for a few hours.

Instead, we provide creative, innovative and realistic interventions that effect positive change in awareness and behaviour. We do this through targeted keynotes and training, or by providing custom-designed facilitated sessions to help you and your team understand how to manage your differences and leverage your strengths to reach new levels of productivity and performance.

And, of course, we’ll bring some fun to your team building activities as well!


noun \ˈtēm\
A small group of people, committed to a common purpose and performance goals, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

Team Building Courses:

Meeting and Executive Retreat Facilitation:

BridgePoint Effect’s highly skilled facilitators will save you time, money and effort by designing and facilitating customized meetings that deal with the issues at hand and lead to efficient solutions. Our professional facilitation services are grounded in scientifically demonstrated processes and dynamic high performing team practices to create the necessary context for efficient collaboration and innovation.

Your team will be:


Well-versed in how to recognize the gifts each team member brings to the team and how the team can best work together.


Able to remove the barriers that prevents them from getting the work done.


Equipped with the skills and tools needed to bring their best efforts to innovation in your organization.


Motivated and confident to take on new challenges.


Communicating with each other effectively.


Confident and resilient as they face change, uncertainty and complexity in your work environment.


Working together to solve problems using creative solutions.

Let us help you bridge the gap between where your team is and where you need them to be.


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