As a Preferred Partner of Connective Intelligence Inc., BridgePoint Effect is pleased to introduce you to the Organizational Growth Indicator™ (OGI).

The Organizational Growth Indicator™ is a practical, quantitative tool to assess your organization’s ability to grow and transform.

Administered online and in as little as 20 minutes, it measures the mind sets and culture at play in an organization, giving critical feedback on where you are and what that means to your organization’s ability to grow and transform.  It can be used to clarify and quantify where you need to focus your efforts and it can be used as you move through the change process to show the progress towards achieving your overall goal.

When administered pre and post an organizational change program, it provides solid metrics on the return of your investment.

By leveraging the OGI™ in your organization, our team will:

Pinpoint the hidden factors that support and constrain your organization’s ability to grow and change adaptively.


Improve the skills of your talent and the performance of your organization by developing, designing and delivering targeted learning and development programs.


Evaluate the impact of your training and development efforts to support growth, organizational transformation and innovation.

Janice Francisco and Marysia Czarski are Certified OGI Administrators.