Innovation Consulting Firms aren’t normally focused on 

People + Process.

We Are


We provide guidance, tools and training so you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Discover innovative solutions

Work creatively and confidently through any situation you face together.

Navigate change and uncertainty

Be confident as you navigate through the inevitable challenges and opportunities that come up.

Become better collaborators

Transform how you engage stakeholders. Build winning relationships and deliver outstanding results.

We’re unlike other innovation consulting firms.

Have you noticed how the world of business is moving so fast that it brings unique challenges to leaders and their teams?

Ever wonder why some teams excel through challenging circumstances and others get completely paralyzed by them?

Our founder did too.

The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ is her approach and toolkit that has helped teams transform how they operate, navigate change, and deliver outstanding results.

If change and uncertainty has become your new normal, you need innovative solutions to your business challenges.

We believe that every leader should be empowered and equipped so that they always know the next steps for their team.

At BridgePoint Effect we know that you want to lead a powerful team that can work through any situation you face together.


In order to do that, your team needs the confidence that they always know what to do and how to accomplish it.

BridgePoint Effect understands the pressure a leader and their team face each day. We provide guidance tools and training so that you collaborate to achieve more than your ever thought possible.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Schedule a Consultation Call

We will listen to what you’re working through and help you figure out the next best steps.

Execute a Winning Strategy

We’ll create and execute a customized strategy for your team.

Get the Results you Need

See results immediately as you move forward with competence and confidence.

Meet Our Founder,
Janice Francisco.

Operating at the intersection of learning, change, creativity and innovation, Janice Francisco brings clarity and decisive navigation to help organizations respond to change and integrate innovation.

Get To Know Our Team

BridgePoint Effect’s international team of creative change leaders are innovation experts, researchers, consultants and facilitators. Our team has the skills to drive innovation and change in your organization.


Be Creative

We work to leverage creative potential and seek out innovative solutions with a growth mindset and a heart set on doing the best work possible.

Be Genuine

We inspire authenticity and transparency and value integrity.

Be Resourceful

We guide and decide with a focus on nurturing quality, wholehearted relationships and collaborate to find the best possible win-win.

Take Your Team from Lagging to Thriving

Imagine how great it would feel if you realized one day that your team was solving problems and getting so much more done without you having to be directly involved.