Bring clarity, creativity and action to innovation


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Bring clarity, creativity and action to innovation


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At BridgePoint Effect, we help managers and their teams solve the mystery of what it means to be innovative, and teach them how to use creativity to get innovation done.
We build teams of innovation champions who understand the value innovation brings to your organization, and who have the eagerness, confidence and creativity to drive the results you need.

Change Leadership & Business Transformation

We guide and support leaders to explore and understand change, build an inspiring vision, and identify the road map to achieving change.

Training, Keynotes for Innovation & Creativity

Build your Innovation Toolkit with our suite of services and courses that catalyze innovation and drive transformational change.

Insights & Thinking Breakthroughs

Need a fresh perspective on a challenging problem? We can help you develop rich insights and breakthroughs in your thinking.

Increase your capacity for innovation and multiply your innovation impact with the ThinkUP Innovation Framework™.

Meeting Facilitation

Save time, money and effort through customized meetings and retreats that deal with the issues and lead to efficient solutions.

Team Building

We don’t just build teams. We build teams of innovation champions that understand innovation and use creativity to get it done.


Give your team the FourSight Thinking System™, a research-based process and tools proven to enhance innovation performance.

“I needed a strong partner to help educate and empower the new innovation team. BridgePoint Effect masterfully delivered the FourSight thinking process, which provided the team with the tools and capabilities needed to rise to the innovation program challenge. Building on this foundation, the innovation team members became well known, respected and highly sought after to help drive the innovation work aimed at solving real business challenges.”

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