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Innovation and strategy consulting that helps teams win.

Doing business in an evolving, dynamic environment brings unique never-before seen challenges for business leaders.

We help leaders and their teams know what to do when they don’t know what to do.

BridgePoint Effect helps teams discover and deliver innovative solutions so they can achieve their goals.

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Equip Your Team

Build a winning team with the readiness to respond to new and dynamic situations.


Enhance Collaboration

Bring trust, transparency and consistency to how you solve problems and find innovative solutions as a team, and across the organization.


Achieve More As A Team

Transform how you work together. Everyone will be appreciated for the value they create in the organization.

BridgePoint Effect understands the pressure of people expecting you to be the one that has all the answers.

Our founder, Janice Francisco, knows that leaders shouldn’t have to always feel alone.

She helps businesses come together, solving problems as a team.

She’s worked with over 500 teams and has figured out how to navigate the inevitable ambiguity and challenges that come up.

The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ is her approach and toolkit to help teams transform how they work together, adapt to evolving circumstances and deliver outstanding results.

Robert Pope, Chief Information Officer, Canada

I needed a strong partner to help educate and empower our new innovation team.

BridgePoint Effect masterfully delivered the ThinkUP Innovation Framework and the FourSight thinking process which provided the team with the tools and capabilities needed to rise to the innovation program challenge. Building on this foundation, the innovation team members became well known, respected and highly sought after to help drive the innovation work aimed at solving real business challenges.

Robert Pope, Chief Information Officer, Canada

Karen Brownrigg, Director Information Security, Canada

I needed a way to bring together teams from across our organization.

We had to develop an innovative, global strategy and knew that our organization would be stronger by leveraging everyone’s knowledge. We needed to get teams out of silo mentality, and we needed a process, tools, and a way to get multiple teams collaborating. BridgePoint Effect guided our leadership team, provided training and helped us achieve more than we ever thought possible.

Karen Brownrigg, Director Information Security, Canada

Israel Aerospace Industries: Aerospace and Defense Company

Thank you for the FourSight seminar you conducted at IAI.

It was an excellent, interesting and professionally done seminar. It exceeded our expectations and our mid and senior level managers benefited from your guidance as they worked to identify and prioritize ideas for our innovation program.I believe we drew significant value from it and will continue to enjoy its benefits in the future.  

Israel Aerospace Industries: Aerospace and Defense Company

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