Have you ever wondered…

How can I improve collaboration, engagement, effectiveness and outcomes in mission-critical meetings, events, and consultation processes?

We’ve got a game-changing solution that’s innovative, cost effective and will make you look like a superhero.

Whether you’re working onsite, online or need a mix of both, we specialize in making it easy for you to transform participant experience and insights to support informed decision-making when employee, customer and stakeholder engagement are critical to your success.


Let us take your next meeting by Stormz!


When you first suggested digital facilitation would better meet our needs, we were skeptical. Was it really worth the extra effort and investment?

Now, we’re convinced it was a smart move.  

Your design and approach provided an eye-opening and enjoyable experience for our global meeting participants. The level of engagement and quality of productive work we accomplished rapidly was amazing. We couldn’t have met our outcomes without your digital facilitation approach.

With your help we were recognized by participants as using their time wisely and being highly innovative in our approach.

How Our Clients Use Stormz

The possibilities for enhancing your meetings with Stormz are endless. Here are some of the ways we’ve helped clients enhance collaboration, participation, engagement, impact and results using Stormz:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Project Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Action Planning
  • Ideation Sessions
  • Taking the Pulse on Situations & Getting Feedback
  • Regular Team Meetings
  • Webinars

What Is Stormz?

Stormz is a unique bilingual (English / French) digital facilitation technology that enables efficient, productive and collaborative workshops. Participants can work on the same challenge in real time or over time, in the same room, or virtually, to contribute, capture and share their thinking.

Stormz operates on a cloud platform with iPads or your own laptops, and, in situations where security of data is a concern, we can provide a dedicated, secure WiFi box.

Stormz is used by highly skilled, professional facilitators. Janice Francisco and Ginny Santos on our team are Certified Stormz Facilitators.

Check out our case studies, where our skilled facilitators used Stormz to help our clients:


We use Stormz in our business for many of the same applications as our clients, and we’ve had great success integrating it into our Innovation & Creativity Trainings, and our Innovation Services and Programs.

Stormz + Innovation & Creativity Training  = Cost-effective delivery in global markets

We’re able to replicate an in-person classroom experience for participants when travel budgets are tight or it doesn’t make sense to have everyone travel to one location for training.

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine engaging your employees, stakeholders or customers in an innovative and creative consultative process where:

  • 2-2000 people can participate productively at any given time
  • Open, transparent, collaboration is easy
  • Post-it Notes™, flipcharts and markers aren’t needed to gather feedback, and everyone can see data contributed in real time
  • The ability to build on others’ ideas and spark creative thinking is significantly enhanced
  • Participants can actually connect with each other, benefiting from peer learning and focused dialogue on important issues
  • You are in control of the process and able to monitor and provide immediate feedback on the quality of information you’re getting
  • Results are available at the click of a button in Word, Excel or PDF format. No more waiting for your workshop’s “As Said” Report
  • The challenges of participation across time zones with limited travel budgets are easily overcome

How Easily Does a Stormz Workshop Come Together?

Very easily! And in a way that will surprise and delight you.

Working in a digital environment, we can achieve many things that are difficult or next to impossible to do in a traditionally facilitated meeting. And, we can achieve so much more in less time because of the efficiencies we gain in capturing and sharing ideas and insights from participants.  

To design your workshop, we use a 6-step structured process, fully collaborating with you along the way.  We hold a short, initial in-person or virtual meeting with you to clarify your meeting goals and desired outcomes and to understand the issues at hand and work context. We then work to develop an initial meeting design, scheduling a second short meeting with you to walk through the design and together work on improvements to the meeting process and experience. Knowing that we’re on the right track, we take this improved design and build it out in Stormz. Once we’ve done this, another short meeting allows you to see the meeting design come to life in a digital format, and of course, any opportunities to refine, hone and improve on the participant experience and are taken, as are opportunities to “sanity check” the design against your meeting goals and outcomes.

Once the design process is completed, we deliver your workshop, introducing participants to Stormz in a fun and practical opening activity. In as little as 15 minutes, they’re transformed into digital natives and ready to get to work. When the workshop is over, if you’re anxious to get and use your data, at the click of a button, we can generate your Results Report in a Word, Excel or PDF format.

See Us in Action Using Stormz

No one uses tech like you do in meetings.

Time is money in this world. I’ve seen so many design thinking sessions where you’re left with a bunch of post-its on the wall. And everyone is left wondering what’s going to happen given all their time and thinking. You can’t leave executives feeling they’ve wasted their time. Speed to result is a priority. And with Stormz and your facilitation skills, you offer a cost-effective solution to getting better results faster.

Take Your Team from Lagging to Thriving

Imagine how great it would feel if you realized one day that your team was solving problems and getting so much more done without you having to be directly involved.