How might we help you achieve outcome driven innovation?

As your leading resource for outcome driven innovation, BridgePoint Effect has an array of services to help you meet the demands of innovation.

Outcome driven innovation starts with a shift in thinking. That’s why our approach to helping you achieve innovation is called the ThinkUP Innovation Framework™. ThinkUP creates that shift in thinking, and helps you power your people with the innovation skills and literacy they need to rise to your unique challenges.

Innovation is a leading indicator of an organization’s ability to sustain success.

– Conference Board of Canada

The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ is a plug-and-play framework that is adaptable to your specific needs.


Assess and set goals

We help you create your innovation strategy:

  • What are your innovation goals?
  • What is your innovation strategy?
  • How well are you meeting your goals?
  • Who are the leaders? What leadership development is needed?
  • Who are your team members? What skills development is required?

Services: Our services are designed to help you assess and set goals, and lay the groundwork for achieving your innovation strategy.


Build the toolkit

We guide you to becoming better innovators by building your innovation skills and literacy.

Using the Four Sight Thinking System™, we work on your Innovation Mindset. You’ll gain insights on the unique contributions each person brings to the team and how you and your team can innovate better together. Creativity fuels innovation, and the Innovation Mindset helps you understand what kind of creative thinker you are.

The Innovation Toolset is the next step for the team. You and your team will take your new awareness of how you work within a team, and learn the collaboration tools and a shared language for thinking through the challenges that come with change and innovation.

We have an array of courses to support you in your team’s innovation journey.


Do the positive work

We help you achieve high impact performance and outcome driven innovation with coaching and hands-on creative problem solving.

Leaving the classroom, we take your new innovation skills and literacy back to your workplace. As a trusted and decisive navigator, we coach your team as they take on real-world challenges. They will achieve measurable change using creative problem-solving, along with the collaboration tools and shared language learned through Innovation Mindset and Innovation Toolset.


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