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Meeting Facilitation

Meeting Logistics Worksheet >> DOWNLOAD

How to Create and Facilitate Meetings that Matter, by Janice Francisco, CEO, BridgePoint Effect, in The Information Management Journal >> LEARN MORE

Innovation Skills and Training

Innovation Skills Profile 2.0, From the Centre for Business Innovation, an inventory of the skills needed to contribute to an organization’s innovation performance—to produce new and improved strategies, capabilities, products, process, and services >> LEARN MORE

General Innovation Skills Aptitude Test (GISAT), A research-based test that helps identify, understand and assess how an individual’s skills, attitudes and behaviours contribute to an organization’s innovation performance. >> TAKE THE TEST

Building Innovative Teams

The Innovative Team: Unleashing Creative Potential for Breakthrough Results. (on Audible) >> LISTEN TO THE BOOK

Building an Innovative Team: Leveraging Diversity for High-Performance Results, by Melissa Lalonde, Special Events Officer, Industry and Business Strategy, Conference Board of Canada >> LEARN MORE

FourSight Case Study: Health Canada >> LEARN MORE

Risks and Failure

F**k UP Nights Toronto: A speaker series and community that shares stories of professional failure. At each monthly event, three speakers tell a professional failure story and lessons learned, in the belief that sharing these stories creates a culture shift around failure and enables a mindset of innovation.. >> LEARN MORE

Innovation Funding

RDP Associates: Learn about SR&ED, R&D Tax Credits, and government grants for innovation in Canada. RDP Associates can assist you in the application process. >> LEARN MORE

Innovation Diagnostic Tools: Measuring Innovation

Competitive Value Innovation Guide (CViG): CViG is an online assessment that diagnoses innovation management issues within an organization. This diagnostic tool captures divergences between organization leaders and shows how to strengthen and fully engage the executive team. It determines areas for competitive performance improvements and helps align culture to business goals and strategies. >> LEARN MORE

Organizational Growth Indicator (OGI): OGI is a practical, quantitative tool to assess your organization’s ability to grow and transform, and to measure the impact of your innovation program. Administered online, OGI gives critical feedback on where you are and what that means to your organization’s ability to grow and transform. >> LEARN MORE

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At BridgePoint Effect, we help managers and their teams solve the mystery of what it means to be innovative, and teach them how to use creativity to get innovation done. Learn more.

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