FourSight Thinking System™

Give your team a research-based process and tools for innovation proven to enhance innovation performance.

FourSight improves your organization’s capacity to collaborate, communicate and use creative problem solving to drive innovation.

It provides a means to organize your thinking, a practical way to learn about and engage in innovation, and it integrates well with any business process or alternative approach to innovation you may use.

The FourSight Thinking System™ is built on the science of good thinking. By combining personal, process and team awareness, FourSight establishes a shared language, a universal process and a mutual respect for the value of cognitive diversity, and contributes to the development of high-performing innovation teams.

BridgePoint Effect is FourSight’s leading partner in Canada. Janice Francisco of BridgePoint Effect is a FourSight Certified Presenter, is on the FourSight Global Certification Team, and is recognized as the global expert in the use of the FourSight Team Report.

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Watch this video to learn how to power innovation with FourSight! If you’ve already completed a FourSight Assessment, this video also shows you how to access it anytime online.

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