A proven solution to scale innovation and enhance collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking, the FourSight Thinking System™ supports the people side of innovation and contributes significantly to team performance. 

“FourSight makes innovation structural, language-based, actionable and measurable.”

– RK, Government of Canada

Searching for a way to help teams find extraordinary solutions to complex challenges, our Founder Janice Francisco came across FourSight in 2002. Immediately she saw FourSight’s potential for helping teams collaborate and think better together.

Since then she has been using the FourSight Thinking System™ with clients to lead change, build cultures of innovation, and help teams work better together and across functions.

Here’s why…

When it comes to helping individuals connect to their creativity, and helping teams collaborate, communicate and think better together, our first choice is the FourSight Thinking System™ because:

  • It’s easy to learn, accept, adopt and implement as a process for innovation
  • It introduces a common language, structured process, and practical tools that that enhance collaboration, productivity, effectiveness and results
  • It integrates a scientifically validated psychometric assessment that helps people understand how they are creative and how they can bring their best thinking to work
  • It plays well with any business practice, process or other innovation approach you may use. In fact, even if you’re using Design Thinking, Lean or Agile, FourSight builds the foundational creative thinking skills necessary for innovation and makes team and cross-functional collaboration easier.

And, given our experience with our clients, we’re confident you’ll find this too.

FourSight is a Thinking System. An assessment helps individuals understand how they naturally engage in the creative process, and collaborative tools help teams think better together and maximize results.

In fact, independent research conducted by IBM (2007) found that teams who have FourSight preference and process awareness outperform teams who don’t.

Based on the science of good thinking, FourSight is backed by over 60 years of research into critical and creative thinking. Research conducted by FourSight’s developer, Dr. Gerard Puccio, at the International Centre for Studies in Creativity found:

  • Creativity draws on four kinds of thinking
  • People have preferences for which type of thinking they use when they engage in creative process
  • And, people in functions often have similar thinking preferences.

Our experience in working with people across many organizational functions is consistent with this research. And whether these thinking preferences are individual or functional, they have an impact on both team and cross-functional collaboration.  

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The Innovative Team: Unleashing Creative Potential for Breakthrough Results.

Interested in using the FourSight Thinking System in your organization?
Many of our clients have found it helpful to read or listen to The Innovative Team book. It uses an engaging business fable that reveals the impact our thinking preferences have on our teams and their results, then illustrates how FourSight’s Thinking System can be used as a breakthrough thinking process for developing successful teams. It introduces a uniquely effective process and set of tools, and a research-based and validated measure of problem-solving preferences, which can help anyone from professionals to novices in their work and personal like, solve problems and achieve performance breakthroughs. FourSight enables teams to understand their patterns of thinking and manage themselves more deliberately toward accomplishing a goal.


We are leaders in the use of the FourSight Thinking System™.

Our Founder, Janice Francisco, is the global lead on the use of FourSight’s Team Report and BridgePoint Effect is FourSight’s leading partner in Canada. Everyone on our global team who works with clients using the FourSight Thinking System™ is a FourSight Certified Presenter.

Janice has used the FourSight Thinking System with her clients since 2002 to support team building, cross-functional collaboration, achieve organizational change and business transformation, launch innovation teams, engage stakeholders, and design and deliver human resources and leadership development programs.

Janice collaborates with FourSight on research. As FourSight develops new product offerings, Janice pilots them with her clients and contributes to FourSight’s commercialization efforts.

As a result, Janice has achieved a unique status with FourSight, one that is held by few individuals in the world. In addition to her Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership, Janice is a FourSight Certified Presenter, FourSight Master Trainer and FourSight Certified Consultant. She is also part of FourSight’s global Certification Team, able to help individuals achieve the FourSight Certified Presenter designation.


Ask us about our FourSight research project where we asked: Who are the innovators in organizations? And, what might be the hidden reasons that innovation stalls out?

BridgePoint Effect and FourSight collaborated in 2018 with Innov8rs, the #1 Glocal Community for Corporate Innovators. Together we traveled the world and did something that has never been done before: using the FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment, we built a cognitive profile of corporate innovators.

This global research study surveyed and analyzed who are the innovators in organizations and what might be the hidden reasons that innovation stalls out.

The research discovered a consistently distinctive cognitive profile between people who identify as innovators in organizations and those who do not. It sheds light on why innovation stalls out and offers tangible means to improving innovation outcomes through awareness of cognitive diversity and developing cognitive flexibility.

Ask Janice how you can leverage this research to maximize the results your organization gets from outcome-driven innovation and improve team effectiveness and cross-functional collaboration. Whether you’re working on an IT, Operational, Innovation, R&D or other work team, this research provides interesting insights and solutions to tackling the challenge of moving innovation through an organization.

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Bring FourSight to Your Team

How might your team, organizational change, innovation or leadership development program benefit from BridgePoint Effect’s experience in applying FourSight?

There are many options to finding the right mix for you. Here are our more popular ones. You can choose one of these options or ask us to custom-design a program for you. All programs can be delivered either on site or virtually using Zoom video conferencing and our Stormz Digital Facilitation tools.

Take our Innovation Mindset or Your Innovative Team trainings
    • Innovation Mindset is suitable for small and large groups. A FourSight Certified Presenter debriefs the Thinking Profile results for individuals and leads participants through a series of activities to connect them to their own creativity and show the impact of thinking preferences on problem solving, collaboration and innovation results
    • Delivered in a one-hour virtual workshop OR in a two-hour fully interactive onsite workshop. Virtually, we suggest limiting the workshop to twenty people; onsite we can deliver this workshop to up to one hundred people, which means it’s suitable for inclusion as a learning event for an off-site or conference for your team, division or organization
    • Included are online learning tools so participants can share and access their Thinking Profile
    • Your Innovative Team is suitable for an intact team and its leader. Delivered in two, two-hour sessions virtually, OR over the course of three and a half hours onsite, it provides each team member with their individual FourSight Thinking Profile report and the entire team receives a more detailed FourSight Team Report. The Team Report debrief illuminates the thinking preferences across the team, allows the team to examine their results relative to their work experience and engages the team in developing tangible strategies to enhance communication and collaboration across the team
    • Included are online learning tools so participants can share and access their Thinking Profile
    • Find out more about our Creativity and Innovation Trainings

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    Take our Innovation Toolset training
      • This one-day training teaches the FourSight process and core critical and creative thinking tools
      • Available only to individuals who have completed a workshop where they receive the results of their FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment
      • This training includes access to the FourSight online application, learner maps for continuous learning, digital and downloadable versions of the FourSight process and tools so if you’re a mobile worker or prefer working digitally, you’re good to go and have the flexibility to use this across your organization with the people you work with
      • Find out more about our Creativity and Innovation Trainings

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      Let us build a FourSight Pilot for you
        • This offering serves to give you an intensive, quick and immersive experience of using the FourSight Thinking System to collaborate and resolve challenges in your organization. It is designed to help you understand the potential for using FourSight in your organization, to test the feasibility and identify the best conditions for scaling FourSight across your teams, division or enterprise
        • We’ve used this approach to help Innovation teams launch and get productive quickly, to support leadership development for middle managers and millennials, and build creativity skills and innovation capability in employees and across functional groups
        • This is a customized offering that includes either the Innovation Mindset or Your Innovative Team trainings with pre-training activities and post training application to a real work problem, one follow-up coaching session and lessons learned workshop to capture ideas and insights about how to enhance the learning experience in your organization as you move to scale FourSight
        • Find out more about our Creativity and Innovation Trainings

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        Use our ThinkUp Innovation Framework to achieve change and sustainable innovation, and significantly improve cross-functional collaboration
          • Many of our clients have used ThinkUP Innovation Framework for leader development, to action and operationalize innovation and change in the organization, to enhance stakeholder engagement and to significantly improve cross-functional collaboration
          • At the core of this learning is our Innovative Team and Innovation Toolset trainings. Wrapped around it are short, preparatory pre-training events, usually delivered in a self-study format, along with post-training activities; with coaching and leadership support, learners apply what they’ve learned to tackle real work challenges, drive innovation and lead change
          • This is a comprehensive program delivered over 4-6 months

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          Who are the innovators in your organization? What makes them tick? What are the strengths of your team, individually and collectively?

          Read about our research project in partnership with Innov8rs and FourSight,
          where we answered these questions and more.

          Take Your Team from Lagging to Thriving

          Imagine how great it would feel if you realized one day that your team was solving problems and getting so much more done without you having to be directly involved.