The FourSight Thinking Profile Assessment is a valid, research-based assessment tool developed over the last 20 years by Dr. Gerard Puccio at the International Centre for Studies in Creativity.

FourSight is an assessment designed to help individuals and teams understand how they approach problem solving through creative thinking and their natural strengths for doing so. As people become more aware of their natural tendencies, they become more adept at employing them. The assessment also indicates areas in the creative process that pose a challenge for the individual, thereby illuminating blind spots that may limit personal effectiveness. Once aware of such challenges, individuals can learn strategies to enhance their creative problem-solving skills.

BridgePoint Effect is FourSight’s leading partner in Canada. Janice Francisco of BridgePoint Effect is a FourSight Certified Presenter, is on the FourSight Global Certification Team, and is recognized as the global expert in the use of the FourSight Team Report.

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Who are the innovators in your organization? What makes them tick? What are the strengths of your team, individually and collectively?

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