Building an Innovative Team: Leveraging Diversity for High-Performance Results, by Melissa Lalonde, Special Events Officer, Industry and Business Strategy, Conference Board of Canada >> READ ARTICLE

Canadian Innovation, Interview with Janice Francisco, CEO, BridgePoint Effect, with Reza Akhlaghi, RDP Associates >> READ ARTICLE

FourSight Case Study: Health Canada >> READ ARTICLE

How to Create and Facilitate Meetings that Matter, by Janice Francisco, CEO, BridgePoint Effect, in The Information Management Journal >> READ ARTICLE

Innovation in Government? Let’s Get Practical, by Janice Francisco, CEO, BridgePoint Effect, in Canadian Government Executive >> READ ARTICLE

The Innovative Team: Recognizing and developing innovators. Article with Innov8rs. >> READ THE ARTICLE

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Crosspollination: Curiosity, Creativity & Change. An interview with Janice Francisco. >> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

Intrapreneur Empire: Interview with Janice Francisco. Janice talks about what it takes to be an intrapreneur. >> LISTEN TO THE PODCAST

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Press Releases

Press Release: FourSight LLC and BridgePoint Effect Announce Global Partnership for Innov8rs Global Summits >>  READ AND DOWNLOAD THE PRESS RELEASE

Research and Publications

Creative Walkers Guide to the Labyrinth, by Janice Francisco, Founder of BridgePoint Effect: DOWNLOAD THE PDF

Deliberate Intuition: Giving Intuitive Insights their Rightful Place in the Creative Problem Solving Thinking Skills Model, by Janice Francisco, MSc, BridgePoint Effect & Cynthia Burnett, MSc, International Center for Studies in Creativity >> READ ARTICLE

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