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Creative Walkers Guide to the Labyrinth, by Janice Francisco, Founder of BridgePoint Effect: DOWNLOAD THE PDF

Press Release: FourSight LLC and BridgePoint Effect Announce Global Partnership for Innov8rs Global Summits >>  READ AND DOWNLOAD THE PRESS RELEASE

Creativity Transcends Paradigms, Own Your Own Creativity Podcast, Elizabeth Johnston interviews Janice Francisco >> LISTEN TO PODCAST

Janice Francisco on Canadian Innovation, Interview with Janice Francisco, CEO, BridgePoint Effect, with Reza Akhlaghi, RDP Associates >> READ ARTICLE

How to Create and Facilitate Meetings that Matter, by Janice Francisco, CEO, BridgePoint Effect, in The Information Management Journal >> READ ARTICLE

Building an Innovative Team: Leveraging Diversity for High-Performance Results, by Melissa Lalonde, Special Events Officer, Industry and Business Strategy, Conference Board of Canada >> READ ARTICLE

FourSight Case Study: Health Canada >> READ ARTICLE

Innovation in Government? Let’s Get Practical, by Janice Francisco, CEO, BridgePoint Effect, in Canadian Government Executive >> READ ARTICLE

Deliberate Intuition: Giving Intuitive Insights their Rightful Place in the Creative Problem Solving Thinking Skills Model, by Janice Francisco, MSc, BridgePoint Effect & Cynthia Burnett, MSc, International Center for Studies in Creativity >> READ ARTICLE


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How to Develop Innovative Ideas

By Janice Francisco, CEO, Principal Innovation Consultant, Facilitator and Coach, BridgePoint...

How to Develop an Innovation Strategy

If your organization is struggling with how to develop an innovation strategy, know that you...

What Is the Global Innovation Index?

This week, on July 10, the 2018 Global Innovation Index was released. You may ask, “What is the...

Why Innovation Is Necessary

The Conference Board of Canada defines innovation as a process through which economic or social...

How to Facilitate a Community Meeting

Community meetings are often held to engage community members, hear more voices and get more...

How to Think Creatively and Innovatively

Guest post by the Innov8rs Team. How to Think Creatively and Innovatively was originally published...

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