How might we help you become better innovators?

An organization’s innovation performance is influenced by the skills in its workforce.

The challenge is to give leaders and their teams the right skills and tools to innovate, and to deliver the highest value to the organization.

BridgePoint Effect’s courses provide the skills and toolsets that leaders and their teams need to innovate and to navigate the many changes they are facing. Our training helps teams be agile in the face of change by learning how to work together to solve problems.

By starting with the Innovation Mindset and Innovation Toolset courses, leaders and teams will immediately gain the thinking skills, process and tools to improve their performance.

We use an engaging and innovative instructional design approach that respects adult learning principles, appeals to your logical and creative brain, adds in creativity skills development and is immediately applicable.

Courses can be customized to meet your specific timing and learning outcomes.

Questions about BridgePoint Effect’s courses?

Successful innovation in organizations requires a combination of skills, supportive cultures and climates, structures and processes, and leadership.

– Conference Board of Canada

Innovation Skills Assessment

Imagine how clarity on the skills you have and the skills you need might help your organization improve innovation performance!

Innovation Skills Profile 2.0, From the Centre for Business Innovation, an inventory of the skills needed to contribute to an organization’s innovation performance—to produce new and improved strategies, capabilities, products, process, and services >> LEARN MORE

General Innovation Skills Aptitude Test (GISAT), a research-based test that helps identify, understand and assess how an individual’s skills, attitudes and behaviours contribute to an organization’s innovation performance. >> TAKE THE TEST

Learn how your team can take the GISAT online, or discuss how we can help you fill the innovation skills gap: Send us an email or give us a call at +1 437-777-9710.

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