Get tools and training to lead yourself and others to new ways of thinking

Embrace Diversity | Enhance Effectiveness | Maximize Results

Feeling boxed in by your thinking and looking for a way out?

Curious about what doesn’t feel right?

What bugs you that you’d like to fix?

There’s a little-known secret to thinking outside the box. It’s knowing how, when faced with a challenge, you engage in the universal creative process. Every one of us has unique thinking preferences for moving through that process. These preferences act as an energy wave that either power us through or stall us out. Mastering how you navigate that process is the key to making it easier to discover possibilities, find valuable solutions and maximize results.

You Will Learn:

  • The code to navigating yourself outside the box
  • A language and process to enhance productivity, effectiveness, and results

How You Will Benefit:

  • Embrace your uniqueness and diversity
  • Discover the value of what you and others bring to the table
  • Be more creative in your life and where you work
  • Enhance productivity, effectiveness, and results, when you work on your own, and with others
  • Lead others to find new ways of thinking

Your Facilitator

Janice Francisco, MSc Creativity, and Change Leadership

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