When you need a strategic innovation framework:
The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™

Based on the premise that people power innovation, the ThinkUP Innovation Framework™is a blended and action learning approach to building innovation literacy, skills and capacity in individuals and teams, and across organizations.

Because no two organizations are the same, we would never prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution to innovation. The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ is a plug-and-play strategic innovation framework adaptable to an organization’s specific innovation needs.

The ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ is a plug-and-play strategic innovation framework that is adaptable to your specific needs.


Assess and set goals

(up to 2 weeks)

By SITUATING your organization on the innovation roadmap, the ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ acts as an organizational change and performance development intervention. Using diagnostic tools and Strategic Planning Facilitation, we get a baseline measurement of where your organization is on the innovation journey so that you can understand what innovation means in the context of your organization, what you need to do to achieve outcome driven innovation, and articulate an innovation strategy.

Already got a strategy and want to build literacy and skills for your people?  This step can be achieved in a matter of hours.


Build the toolkit

(up to 1.5 days basic training)

During the EDUCATE step, we’ll give your leadership and teams the thinking skills and tools necessary for innovation, and build the management capacity of leaders tasked with leading innovation.

We have an array of courses to support you in your team’s innovation journey.

BridgePoint Effect + Canada Job Grants = Big Savings on Innovation & Creativity Training for You

Did you know that subsidies of up to 83% for BridgePoint Effect’s innovation and creativity courses for your staff are available via the Canada Job Grants program? If you are a Canadian company located outside of Quebec, we can help you apply for a grant to get big savings on innovation and creativity training with BridgePoint Effect, which may be applied to the EDUCATE and CREATE phases. Ask us how.


Do the positive work

(four to six months)

We provide ongoing coaching and support as your leaders and teams begin to CREATE the innovation outcomes envisioned in your innovation strategy. This step accelerates the shift in thinking needed to effect innovation results in your organization.

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