We all deal with complex problems, continuous improvement and innovation, much more so now than in the past. We live in an era of change where uncertainty collides with complexity and ambiguity. As leaders, in addition to being able to create change we are required to manage, master and thrive in change. And doing so requires new ways of thinking, new ways of working, and adept application of learning and innovation skills.

Effective change leadership sets direction, creates alignment, builds commitment and anchors change.

Effective change management requires that you understand the elements of change and how to lead others successfully through change.

Change needs creativity and creative leaders who understand that their job isn’t to have all the answers, it’s to bring out the creativity of others by focusing on the right questions and building cultures of innovation.

BridgePoint Effect will help you and your team thrive in a changing work environment

BridgePoint Effect’s highly skilled change managers are creative change leaders and experts in creative problem solving and diagnostic thinking.  They can help you bring clarity, ideas and action to your need for change and insight into the questions you need to be focused on. Before recommending the change methods that will best suit your performance needs, they carefully balance your desired outcomes by assessing the situation at hand and understanding the people issues associated with the change. With a change methodology that is grounded in scientifically demonstrated processes and dynamic high performing team practices—including collaboration and innovation—we can help you navigate change with the confidence and innovation you need.


Together we will help you:
  • Diagnose the capacity for growth and transformation in your organization
  • Focus on what’s possible
  • Organize the building blocks to lead change and promote innovation
  • Set direction with an inspiring vision
  • Create alignment to organizational priorities, goals and objectives
  • Build commitment by using collaborative and innovative approaches to engagement
  • Drive meaningful innovation by overcoming the impulse to do more with less by helping you to find creative ways to do less and get more value out of what you’re doing
  • Build realistic action plans with clarity around roles, responsibilities and timing
  • Leverage opportunities for rigorous experimentation
  • Change proof your people by teaching them learning and innovation skills that build resilience and give them the confidence to creatively think through the uncertainty and complexity ahead
  • Structure and organize thinking to reframe and solve problems and make informed decisions
  • Select the right processes, tools and techniques to manage change
  • Develop awareness and communications strategies to prepare people for change
  • Create innovative training programs to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to realize changeand build cultures of innovation

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