Need a fresh perspective on a challenging problem?

Looking for insight to figure out “how might we…?”

Got some big hairy issues that are keeping you up at night?


It’s not uncommon in the life of an organization to find yourself facing wicked problems and knowing you need to do something about it. But, what and how, given the challenges, time constraints and complexity you’re facing?

The good news is, you don’t have to go it alone.

BridgePoint Effect can help you develop rich insights and breakthroughs in your thinking. We bring a team of Creative Problem Solving experts with the creative and critical thinking skills needed to help you figure stuff out. Often, a few hours is all it takes to break the back of a problem, reframe it and start on your way to generating ideas and developing implementable solutions.

How we can help you gain rich insight and thinking breakthroughs:

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving (CPS) is a proven process for approaching a problem or challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. The process produces ideas and options that are “creative,” meaning they are novel and useful. The application of Creative Problem Solving brings clarity, ideas, insight and action to the challenges you face and helps to drive thinking breakthroughs. The process was inspired by a business need to help people think more creatively and productively and was developed through academic research. In fact, CPS is backed by over 60 years of research and development and is recognized as one of the most researched problem-solving approaches in the world. CPS is flexible and explicit and can be used to tackle any variety of problems and situations in any area of your work and in any domain.

Our team members are experts in Creative Problem Solving and we have the skill to help you deal with “wicked problems” that have:

  • No one right answer or single solution to drive for
  • Situations that are new or changing and ambiguous in nature
  • Uncertain outcomes
  • Many contributing factors
  • Information that is missing or difficult to understand for relevancy
  • Impact on others

Establish an Innovation Team

If you need to set up an innovation team to respond to a new and time-sensitive challenge in your organization, you’re likely dealing with a situation facing high stakes and high expectations. Why leave your innovation team’s performance to chance?

We can help you and your team bring clarity, ideas and action to how you lead and realize innovation. We’ll teach you a shared language, give you a process and tools for innovation, and show you how to use these to get started and stay on track.

Engagement and Wayfinding

The benefits of engaging staff and stakeholders as you navigate change are proven, but when you’re doing new things, the way to engage them isn’t typically as clear.

If you’re doing new things and you’re putting high emphasis on engagement, we can help you find efficient and effective ways to get the work done while at the same time productively engaging staff and stakeholders to help you clarify challenges, and generate and develop ideas to create value-added implementable solutions.

Some of the ways we’ve done this include:

  • Developing an engagement framework and guide for a human resources department
  • Helping a security organization engage staff and stakeholders in a bottom-up collaboration to support the development of Corporate Security Plan
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Strategic planning
  • Planning and designing Innovation Centres and Collaborative Workspaces

Gap Analysis – Results and Delivery

Given the strategic direction for innovation in many organizations, taking a deliberately creative approach to conducting a gap analysis on results and delivery allows us to bring innovation into the analysis. This approach provides an appropriate structure for a step-by-step analysis that stays open to fresh perspectives and new recommendations, and helps to drive rich insight into finding the real opportunities for creating value and improvement.

Provide Advice and Guidance to a Skunkworks Project

A skunkworks project is developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation and with the understanding that their work is experimental and might not produce an intended result. Typically, the team is removed from the normal working environment and given the freedom to work outside of normal management constraints. The benefits to you are a team focused on possibilities, the opportunity to build innovation muscle and knowledge in your organization, and the ability to learn how to bring resolution to a challenging situation.


We can help you set up a Skunkworks Project, teach learning and innovation skills to your team members, and act as thinking facilitators as your team works through specific challenges.

Innovation Strategy

Organizations that identify innovation as a key priority need a strategy to manage innovation.

Give us a day with your leadership team and we will facilitate the thinking to help you gain rich insight into answering these critical questions: Why and who will innovate? And on what, where, when, and how?

We’ll compile the results of this effort and provide you with a framework for innovation. You’ll walk away with critical information to guide your development of an innovation strategy. Or if you’d like more support, we can lead the development of the strategy in partnership with you and your team.


Insights are driven through qualitative research that helps uncover patterns, principles and relationships that shed light on or help to solve a problem.

We have experience in using ethnography, design thinking and Creative Problem Solving in applications across diverse fields to ascertain the true nature of a problem or opportunity and open you to its possibilities.

Let us help you develop rich insights and breakthroughs in your thinking.

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