Your team does pretty well the same things every day, but you’re being asked to think creatively, be more innovative, and find new and better ways of doing your work.  Cost savings and avoidance, continuous improvement to drive efficiency, effectiveness and deliver more value to your organization are increasingly important.

But how can you ask your team to be more innovative when you’ve got more than enough to do, deadlines and targets to meet, and processes, procedures and rules you’re expected to follow? There are ambiguity and uncertainty around what it means to be innovative in the organization and tension around the fact that the last time someone suggested doing something different, the idea wasn’t greeted with enthusiasm. 

Our solution will help your team understand what it means to be innovative as they approach their day-to-day work. We’ll help them think creatively on how to deal with the everyday stuff that bugs them, and how to get it out of the way of their doing good work.