Call it what you want– distributed, dispersed or virtual–these kinds of teams are made up of individuals who are geographically dispersed, work across time, space, organizational boundaries and rely on communication and technology to get things done.

Team members move in and out regularly. You rely on each other for your success, but no one really knows who’s on the other side of their desk.

Collaboration and co- creation of work products can be difficult as can leveraging the diversity of skills everyone brings to the table. While you’re using the same platform to get work done, you lack process and tools to think things through when you run into challenges, and meetings are less than productive.

You need a way to focus and organize your thinking and manage your meetings. Your team needs to build relationships, along with tools and skills to work more easily together.

Our solution will help you focus, organize your thinking and manage your meetings. We’ll help your team build relationships, and give them the tools and skills to work more easily together.