When you need a way to bridge from where you are to where you want to be, and you need to think differently to get there…
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Our strategic advisory services, strategic planning facilitation, creativity and innovation training, and custom-designed organizational change programs, are unique due to our approach.

We bring a structured process, research-based practices, decisive navigation, tireless creativity and forthright dialogue to help you and your teams achieve outcome-driven innovation.

The end result is that we power people to change and make innovation happen. Our clients call it the BridgePoint Effect.

BridgePoint Effect’s Journey

It began with a question: How to help people think differently?

Janice Francisco innovation strategy consultingOver the course of a decade, Janice Francisco, founder of BridgePoint Effect, worked on large-scale organizational change and transformation projects. She worked with operational, project, IT and innovation teams, in communications, change management and project facilitation roles.

Janice observed that, when faced with a complex challenge, teams sought obvious, quickly available answers that made everyone feel better for a while and ultimately, didn’t really contribute to the change needed to reach their goals. Janice observed the same phenomena whether working in government or large organizations, small, medium enterprises or start-ups.

Intrigued, Janice believed there had to be a way to help leaders, their teams and stakeholders find extraordinary solutions to complex challenges.

A way to help them build resilience when facing change and to create value for the organization.

A way to collaborate and work better together, and to overcome the habits of thinking that produced obvious solutions, that over time, only served to make things more difficult.

There was.

Janice leveraged her expertise as a change manager, organizational development consultant, adult educator, and meeting facilitator. Through science-based research, she found “the way” at the intersection of learning, change, creativity and innovation.  This led her to achieve a Master of Science degree in Creativity and Change Leadership and inspired her to innovate how people learn to be innovative.

After ten years of field research, Janice invented the ThinkUP Innovation Framework and an Innovative Instructional Systems Design model.

Key learnings from this research inform all our work and inspire our team to achieve the corporate vision of engaged people confidently contributing their creativity to power innovation, growth and transformation.

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Select Clients

I needed a strong partner to help educate and empower the new innovation team.

BridgePoint Effect masterfully delivered the FourSight thinking process, which provided the team with the tools and capabilities needed to rise to the innovation program challenge.

Building on this foundation, the innovation team members became well known, respected and highly sought after to help drive the innovation work aimed at solving real business challenges.

We work with private sector and government organizations across a range of industries and disciplines to power innovation.

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