Course: Your Innovative Team

We build teams of innovation champions.


Research shows that people think about and solve problems in measurably different ways, which impacts how team members work together. To rise to the challenge of innovation, team members must develop an understanding of their own personal approaches to problem solving, and gain an appreciation of how each of their team mates approach the task.

This workshop introduces you to the internationally acclaimed FourSight Thinking System™. You will discover how you personally engage in the creative problem solving process, and how greater awareness of individual thinking preferences strengthens a team’s capacity to problem-solve, innovate, and get the job done.

We will use the FourSight Thinking Profile™ to create Your Team Report, which shows team members how their individual thinking preferences to clarify, generate, develop and implement ideas relate to team results when it comes to problem solving, collaboration, communication and innovation.

½ day


  • Discover your individual thinking preferences: Are you a clarifier, ideator, developer or implementer? Understand what this means to how you innovate, collaborate and communicate.
  • Leverage your team’s diversity of thinking preferences when approaching work challenges.
  • Use personal awareness and process awareness to build more effective teams.
  • Learn a common, intuitive language and a process, which together bolster collaboration, communication and productivity.
  • Solve the problem of “how we will work together?”
  • Run more productive and effective meetings.
You don’t need to feel alone or stuck anymore

It’s time to stop feeling stuck and instead achieve amazing results as a team.