Leadership Metaphor Explorer

Use metaphors of leadership to understand and create the leadership experience your organization needs.


Leadership Metaphor Explorer is a research-based tool designed to help people understand the leadership culture in which they live and work. This workshop helps people think more clearly, collaboratively and strategically about leadership and how they can take more effective actions in response to complex leadership challenges.

Using a deck of 83 cards, each with a different metaphor for how leadership can be enacted, Leadership Metaphor Explorer enables creative, insightful conversations about:

  • The kinds of leadership you currently practice
  • The kinds of leadership you need in the future
  • How to develop your required forms of leadership personally as individuals, and collectively as a shared leadership culture

2 hours   |   ½ day


  • Break through clichés and platitudes about leadership.
  • Generate open, honest and stimulating conversation about leadership challenges in your organization.
  • Develop insight into how well your organization’s current leadership culture and subcultures support your business strategy.
  • Understand how you can adapt or transform your leadership culture.
  • Can be used with small and large groups to enhance dialogue on Leadership Strategy, Innovation Leadership, and Leadership Culture; to span boundaries across an organization and to facilitate Scenario Creation as your organization navigates through complexity and uncertainty toward a desired future.

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