Course: Improv Your Thinking

Use techniques from Improv Theatre to respond more effectively and flexibly in new situations.


Innovation takes us to new places and challenges us to live in a VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity), working with and searching for information that doesn’t come in easy-to-understand formats. In these situations, some people are comfortable “thinking on their feet,” while others struggle to find the “right” response or comment.

You improvise every day to answer questions, request assistance, defend ideas, etc. Get the training to do it more effectively! By learning new skills to stay present in the moment, you can understand more…  and respond more effectively.

2 hours   |   ½ day


  • Improve listening skills.
  • Speak with more confidence.
  • Empathize with and understand colleagues better.
  • Access creative, innovative ideas faster.
  • Personal awareness – understand how negative communication behaviours limit your connection to others and impede your ability to be heard.
  • Increased effectiveness in VUCA world.
  • Look at the positive, “what’s possible” side of situations.