Course: Creativity in Business

Executive teams can take advantage of the Stanford Creativity in Business program – Designing Innovation: Generating Growth.


In the same way that most of the bulk of an iceberg lies beneath the surface, forces that really determine our effectiveness at work encompass those “soft”, intangible factors that linear, analytical mindsets find hard to quantify and acknowledge as real.  And yet without capturing emotional commitment on your team, no lasting change can take place.  Enter the proven Stanford “Creativity in Business” model, which combines strategic intent with operational tactics.

Creativity and Innovation are about relationships and in order to move an organization towards increased creativity and innovation, you must transform your culture.

Creativity in Business is a three-day developmental program designed to leverage personal and organizational performance.  It is based on the premise that organizational success depends on the individual’s ability to create and sustain a positive corporate culture on a daily basis.  This type of sustainable relationship-building requires both character and skill — a “Change Agent” — who is tasked with design-driven innovation.

Creativity in Business introduces a variety of proven creative-thinking techniques, such as imagery, storytelling, metaphor, myths and paradox.  These help participants think differently about their skills, and their ability to drive innovative performance within their organization.  They will gain new insights about themselves and others that can contribute to healthy, effective team-building back on the job.

Throughout the program participants focus on specific, targeted challenges faced by their organization and develop a strategy for immediate execution.  Participants develop and sustain shared learning relationships through these highly interactive sessions.

3 days delivered 1 day per month over 3 months


  • Examine individual, team and organizational aspects of creativity that influence innovation results.
  • Receive an extensive leadership analysis profile which is utilized in the sessions.
  • Develop a strategy for how your team will lead innovation.
  • Develop deep insight into your personality, strengths and skills to lead change and promote innovation.
  • Explore your purpose and legacy as leaders, the values you hold as a group and the principles and practices that reflect these values.
  • Take advantage of one-on-one personal coaching for each participant between sessions or at the most convenient and meaningful time in the process.

Note: BridgePoint Effect is pleased to offer you this course, the delivery of which is led by team member Ginger Grant, the only Canadian to have achieved the designation, Certified Master Trainer – Stanford Creativity in Business Program.

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