Course: Creating New Responses in Our Work

Leverage creative thinking skills to keep open to possibilities as you navigate change in the workplace.


Change needs creativity. Creativity has been identified as one of the most important leadership qualities; the challenge is, it’s also one of the least understood.

Designed to help answer the question “How might I use creative thinking, take risks and challenge assumptions as we learn new ways to achieve our work?,” this workshop examines the myths and nature of creativity and teaches you creative thinking principles. You will learn a basic tool set you can use immediately to navigate changes in your workplace and help your team stay focused on what’s possible, even when change seems challenging and outcomes are uncertain.

Read our Case Study: Creating New Responses in Our Work.

½ day


  • Debunk the myths and solve the mystery of what it means to be creative.
  • Value creativity as a critical skill for navigating change.
  • Engage in creativity productively.
  • Gain access to immediately applicable creative thinking principles and tools to help you generate and evaluate new ideas that challenge status quo.
  • Transform the way your team asks for and gets feedback on ideas and work products.
You don’t need to feel alone or stuck anymore

It’s time to stop feeling stuck and instead achieve amazing results as a team.