Course: Breakthrough Thinking

Create game-changing breakthroughs in thinking to drive innovation.


An innovative organization is one where managers and staff alike have learned how to approach their work in new ways, with new expectations and with different thinking. This highly interactive workshop introduces the mindset, tool set and skill set  necessary for innovation to become a reality in your workplace.

Through an introduction to the FourSight Thinking System™, participants learn a language and approach to problem solving that enables productive collaboration, increases engagement, and fosters a culture of innovation. By leveraging creative thinking principles, participants learn an “idea protocol” to promote the development and growth of new ideas and creative solutions.

During the workshop, participants receive personal feedback on their FourSight Thinking Profile™, which helps individuals develop an awareness of their personal preferences for engaging in creative process. Participants will also learn how to use the Innovation Station Launch Pad —a simple, repeatable process to solve problems, meet challenges, and think through challenges and opportunities— and will receive Your Tool Cards, 20 unique creative and critical thinking tools to enhance the FourSight process, focus innovation efforts and drive greater results.

1 day


  • Gain clarity around why creativity and innovation are key contributors to high performing organizations.
  • Learn one of the most widely adopted and thoroughly researched creative process models in the world.
  • Understand how to apply the FourSight Thinking System to support creative problem solving and drive innovation.
  • Find out if you are a clarifier, ideator, developer or implementer and what that means to how you engage in the creative process and solve problems.
  • Learn a common language to support communication and enhance collaboration when working with others, and solve the problem of “how we will work together.”

Take Your Team from Lagging to Thriving

Imagine how great it would feel if you realized one day that your team was solving problems and getting so much more done without you having to be directly involved.