Sylvain Matte

Sylvain Matte

Creativity Broker, Innovation Expert, Facilitator

Sylvain helps managers and their teams improve organizational efficiency, from diagnostic and strategic planning to strategic outsourcing, process improvement, project management and change management. Innovation is the outcome, while the ability to deliberately use applied creativity becomes a key success factor and a new, value-added skillset. He has facilitated workshops and delivered conferences internationally on organizational creativity, organizational efficiency, change management and project management. With particular expertise in the manufacturing sector, Sylvain has developed a unique expertise on planning for and leading change, fostering creativity and facilitating innovation in the government, non-profit, private, and Fortune 500 sectors.

  • MBA
  • B.Sc., Information Management
  • Certified FourSight™ Presenter
  • Fluent in French and English, with a smattering of Italian

Take Your Team from Lagging to Thriving

Imagine how great it would feel if you realized one day that your team was solving problems and getting so much more done without you having to be directly involved.