Laetitia Lévy

Laetitia Lévy

Innovation and Creativity Practitioner and Designer

Laetitia’s experience encompasses innovation and design, creative leadership, as well as design, prototyping, manufacturing, production and marketing of 300+ gift items. Laetitia has partnered with hundreds of companies across a broad spectrum of industries and countries. She also leads projects and product development at all points in the creative cycle, from ideation through to implementation, and is an in-demand creativity consultant, coach and keynote speaker. Laetitia believes in identifying key problems and turning them into opportunities. This is the foundation of her coaching, training, and facilitating of creative processes and innovation. She provides FourSight® based training, CPS facilitations and organizational development workshops. She is experienced at combining, adapting and developing new creative tools and processes to meet challenges.

  • MSc., Creativity and Change Leadership
  • Certified in Sustaining a Culture of Innovation at Work
  • Design Thinking – Applied Creative Tools in Business
  • OFEK – Authority, Leadership and Change in Organizations
  • Certified in FourSight® Assessment – Preferences vs. Skills in Creativity
  • Certified in Creative Problem Solving (CPS)
  • Certified in Group Problem Solving
  • Certified in Teaching & Training Creativity
  • Certified in Managing Creative Practitioners
  • Certified in Creative Coaching and Applied Leadership
  • Certified in Applied Creative Thinking
  • Certified in Processes of Research & Engagement
  • Certified in Collaboration & Change Leadership
  • Fluent in French, English and Hebrew

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