Janice Francisco

Janice Francisco

Founder, CEO, BridgePoint Effect; Principal Consultant, Facilitator & Coach

Operating at the intersection of learning, change, creativity and innovation, Janice Francisco brings clarity and decisive navigation to help organizations respond to change and integrate innovation.

Janice builds teams of “innovation champions” who understand the value innovation brings to the organization, and have the eagerness, confidence, skills and creativity to drive results.

As a researcher, Janice focuses on improving innovation outcomes in organizations. To do that she developed the ThinkUP Innovation Framework™ and the Innovative Instructional Systems Design™ model used in BridgePoint Effect’s training programs.  In 2018 Janice partnered with FourSight LLC and Innov8rs to run a global research study designed to answer “who are the innovators in organizations?”, the results of which will be revealed in early 2019.

Janice is a pragmatic integrator who brings tireless creativity and forthright dialogue to a global clientele in the private (Fortune 500, Small, Medium Enterprises and Start-Ups) and government sectors. She speaks internationally on applied creativity and innovation management, has developed expertise on building innovation cultures within government, and is Chair of the Conference Board of Canada’s Council on Innovation and Commercialization.


  • MSc, Creativity and Change Leadership
  • Bachelor of Business Management
  • Certified FourSight™ Facilitator, Master Trainer and Consultant
  • IAF Certified Professional Facilitator
  • Certified KEYS® to Creativity and Innovation Administrator
  • 4MAT 4 Business Instructional Design Methodology
  • Certified Organization Growth Indicator (OGI) Facilitator

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