Helene Cahen

Helene Cahen

Innovation Consultant

Helene is an experienced innovation consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach with more than 20 years of insight in new product/service development, user research and communication. She has a proven record of guiding her clients toward user-centered innovation, helping them to discover solutions that are specifically tailored to address their organizations’ evolving needs. Helene receives accolades for her valuable assistance to Fortune 500 companies, as well as small businesses and non-profits. In addition, she has been a lecturer, coach and facilitator for the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and the UC Berkeley Center for Executive Education, teaching innovation principles to graduate students as well as coaching executives on developing successful innovation in their organization.

  • Sc. Creativity and Change Leadership
  • Business Degree In Marketing and Finance
  • Certified FourSight™ Presenter
  • Fluent in French and English

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