BridgePoint Effect’s expert meeting facilitators will save you time, money and effort by designing and facilitating customized meetings to deal with the issues at hand and develop efficient solutions.

Our professional facilitation services are grounded in scientifically demonstrated processes and dynamic high-performing team practices to create the necessary context for efficient collaboration and innovation.

We will help you and your team:


Design a cohesive agenda with the required room to think


Create alignment to your corporate strategy, objectives and priorities and ensure continuity


Go beyond symptoms to address the real problems, challenges and opportunities


Generate an abundance of creative options


Develop practical solutions and achieve high-performance outcomes


Build realistic action plans with clarity around roles, responsibilities and timing

Need a meeting facilitator?

Let’s talk about how our expert facilitators can make your meeting a solution-driven, collaborative event with lasting impact.

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At BridgePoint Effect, we help managers and their teams solve the mystery of what it means to be innovative, and teach them how to use creativity to get innovation done. Learn more.

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“I know we’ve said this so many times to you already, but honestly, it can never be enough – your contribution has been so wonderful and we are so excited to have you involved with us as we plan this event, thank you again for all your work and energy.” – Conference Board of Canada

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