February 8-9, 2018

Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL

As a Preferred FourSight Partner and Master Trainer of the FourSight Thinking System™, Janice Francisco is one of forty global leaders invited to participate in the FourSight Forum.

During the Forum, participants will:

  • Be the first to hear about fascinating new FourSight research
  • Get a pre-release glimpse of the new FourSight web app
  • Discuss best practices in creativity and innovation training with some of the world’s top course designers.

This event is by invitation only. For more information about FourSight, visit our partner page.


April 18-22, 2018

Sestri Levante, Italy

Join Janice Francisco, CEO of BridgePoint Effect, who will be a facilitator at the CREA Conference, THE creativity event in Europe. Here’s a link to Janice’s program, Foundations of Creative Problem Solving.

Click here for general information about the CREA Conference.

BridgePoint Effect Innovation Creativity Logo

At BridgePoint Effect, we help managers and their teams solve the mystery of what it means to be innovative, and teach them how to use creativity to get innovation done. Learn more.


Increase your organization’s capacity for innovation and multiply your team’s innovation impact with the ThinkUP Innovation Framework™.




October 13-15, 2017

The International Center for Studies in Creativity
Buffalo State, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY

Janice Francisco, CEO of BridgePoint Effect, is a speaker at the CEE Conference, and is giving a CEE Talk on Sunday, October 15.

Click here for more information.


November 15-17, 2017

Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto, ON

Join Janice Francisco, CEO of BridgePoint Effect, and team member Ginny Santos of NeOlé at this conference

Click here for more information.


risking-learning-from-failure_pngInnovation is all about new; it challenges status quo, creates change and tests our tolerance for risk. And while we can understand and rationalize the need for risk-taking to fuel innovation, as individuals engaging in the process of innovation we grapple with a different risk: the risk of moving out of our comfort zone and overcoming one of our greatest fears – failure.

This highly interactive, half-day workshop examines our relationship to risk-taking in innovation. Participants begin to envision risk-taking as an opportunity for concrete experimentation, and understand how learning from failure can become their bridge to success. Click here for a full course description.

Read our blog post, with our reflections on this amazing event.

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